Victory Camp & Covid-19

If you have questions or concerns about your camper, please feel free to contact our registrar’s office. Monday – Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

If your camper is immunocompromised or has an underlying health condition that makes them especially vulnerable, we strongly recommend you make a decision using your best judgement and consultation with your health care provider regarding your child’s participation in a camp session.

Summer 2021

The protection and safety of our campers is always on our minds. Even before COVID-19, our staff continually had the security, health, and fun of the camp experience under constant consideration.

This summer more than ever we are carefully reviewing every detail of our operations in an effort to provide the safest possible experience for our families.

While no environment can be 100% free from uncertainty, our already high standards of programs and sanitation coupled with enhancements we made in 2020 and will continue in 2021 will provide a fun summer camp while putting the health and safety of your campers first!

Please scroll down to see “WHAT WE ARE DOING TO PREPARE” for our 2021 Summer Season.

Summer 2021 registration is open at at

March 3, 2021

With mask mandates now moving to the county level, we will continue to monitor conditions and guidelines for our county of operation. At this time, no changes have been made to our polices listed below. Happily, there is still several months between today and the start of summer camp season. So there is plenty of opportunities for conditions to improve and guidelines to be adjusted. We will await further clarification from our licensing agencies and experts in the camp industry as we continue to plan and prepare.

We know that with several weeks of camp in 2020 and now a full year of planning and implementation under our belts, we are well prepared to continue providing a fun, safe camp experience for our community.

As always we will continue to monitor available information and adjust our plans accordingly should the need arise.


We will continue to post information here as guidelines change and camp dates draw closer.

Revision Date 3/3/21

The camp season has been scheduled with a minimum of 48 hours of closure between sessions to allow for additonal sanitization and clearing of the campus before a new group of campers arrive.

We will continue to operate our sessions at a reduced capacity until CDC/ACA guidelines allow that to change.

Bed spacing in the dormitories has been altered to accommodate social distancing guidelines set forth by ACA/CDC

We will be operating a closed campus. Only registered/ screened campers and staff will be allowed on campus. At present, parents will drop off campers outdoors and not be allowed outside the check-in zone. Visitors will not be allowed on campus during sessions. Currently we plan to operate pick-up in a drive thru pick up line as we did in 2020.

Campers will not be able to check-in and out of a session. Once a person leaves the camp session, they will not be able to return until a new session begins.

Campers will have daily temperature checks with the health care staff.

Staff will self screen with daily temperature checks for 2 weeks prior to arrival at camp for the season. They will also have daily temperature checks while at camp.

Self-serve food options have been suspended. All meal items will be prepared and served by our staff. This includes all salad and topping bars.

All condiments will be individually packaged.

All staff will be wearing masks indoors and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.

Cafeteria and chapel seating will be arranged in camper families with 6 ft. spacing between families.

Campers will be family groups in dorms, seated and rotating through activities together to limit exposure between groups.

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